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About Us


Welcome to the GUHER™ world, the most efficient paint ever made.

Founded in 1997 by a team of passionate individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the paint industry with environmentally friendly alternatives. The company was established in response to the growing concern over the harmful effects of traditional paints on human health and the environment.

In the early years, we focused on research and development, investing significant resources into creating innovative paint formulations that prioritized sustainability without compromising the quality. The company collaborated with experts in the field, including chemists and environmental scientists, to identify and incorporate natural and non-toxic ingredients into their paint products.

GUHER™ gained recognition for its commitment to environmental responsibility and product quality. The company received various certifications and accolades, positioning it as a trusted brand. Its paints and coatings were widely adopted by environmentally conscious homeowners, interior designers, contractors and commercial clients who valued aesthetics and sustainability.

As awareness about the impact of traditional paints on indoor air quality, GUHER™ experienced significant growth and expanded its product range to include primers, interior and exterior paints, and speciality coatings. The company continued to refine its formulations, aiming for higher durability, improved coverage, and an even broader selection of colours and finishes

Today GUHER™ is recognized as a trusted and reputable brand, offering a wide range of eco-friendly paint products that enable customers to create beautiful and sustainable living spaces while contributing to a greener future.
Years of Experience


We contribute to a sustainable world by extending the life of the built environment with our powerful nano mineral-based paints and coatings. All our products are made from natural minerals, are sustainably produced and have low VOC, making a major contribution to reducing global warming.


To be the leading provider of innovative, sustainable and high-quality paints, waterproofing, speciality coatings and services that enhance the beauty and durability of homes, businesses and communities worldwide.


We are managed and operated by internationally acclaimed graduates from the University of South Wales & highly skilled graduates from the Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode.